By streamlining task management, Sales Teams can focus more on engaging with prospects and closing deals, thus driving sales growth.

TasksPlus reduces the time spent on task management by 30%, enabling teams to allocate more time to high-value activities, without even leaving the Home Page.

With its unique task-sharing feature, TasksPlus fosters better teamwork by allowing seamless collaboration on tasks within the Salesforce environment.

What is TasksPlus

TasksPlus is an innovative 100% Salesforce Native, task-editing app, built on top of the existing Salesforce Data Model, and crafted to boost your digital workflow with user-friendly controls.
It enables effortless collaboration and management of shared tasks, optimising both workflow and productivity seamlessly.

TasksPlus is FREE for up to 5 Salesforce Users. However, additional licenses can be purchased through the Salesforce AppExchange, or by a direct inquiry.

For more details please visit Salesforce AppExchange, or contact us at any time.

Key Highlights

Effortlessly share your tasks with colleagues while maintaining full control and ownership. Your task privacy remains intact, and you decide who has access!

Efficiently access an extensive list of tasks, neatly organised into tabs like Open, In Progress, and Shared, among others. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between filtered lists!

Effortlessly replicate existing tasks using the deep clone feature. Duplicate tasks in just one click, along with all related records. Streamline your workflow and save time on repetitive tasks!

TasksPlus revolutionizes how teams work in Salesforce by making task management 30% more efficient.
With the unique capability of Task Sharing, it boosts collaboration, communication, and transparency.

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