…or, let me rephrase this!

Trust is the single most important ingredient for any successful relationship, either business or personal.

But, before trust is established, there is something more essential that has to take place first – Transparency.

Trust from day one

By now I am sure you have mastered being relevant with your customers, especially in your email communication, as emails still count as one of the most efficient marketing channels,

…and that’s great, but that’s only the first step.

To properly engage your customers, and start building trust from day one, you have to be Transparent.

We leave in an age where trust is broken and misused daily.
Customers’ intolerance for not being treated as they deserve grows exponentially.

It takes one wrong call, or improperly handled customer service case to lose a customer for good!

As the saying goes:
“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair!”

Before you think of your business in terms of revenue, profits, KPIs, etc. think of Trust and Transparency first, otherwise, there will be no business!

If you want your customers have have trust in your marketing, it is paramount that you make the first leap of faith, where you trust your customers first before they trust you back!

Share your Story and Values

If you work with production, share your methods, processes, get your employees in front, and share their stories and experiences in your organization.
If you are a medical company, share your innovation processes, user stories, let your customers tell what they feel.

No matter in which industry you are in, the keyword is “Story”.
Share your Story! – as detailed and as honest as possible.

Let your customers be the Judge and Jury!
They’ll like you more!

Be especially transparent about the data you collect and give your customers an easy and obvious way to manage preferences or eventually unsubscribe from all.
Hiding these options will just frustrate them more and as a result they will lose trust in your marketing.

Remember every time you send an email or any other message, it’s not a machine on the other side, it’s an actual human 😉
People are not dumb, just very often too kind or a bit naive, but that should be respected and not exploited!

Hope you found this article relevant and transparent enough.
In the next one, we’ll touch base on something more progressive!

About Advension

Advension is a #Salesforce Certified Tech Consultancy House.
We have long experience providing #enterprisegrade #marketingautomation and #CRM services.
Our work culture is based on a few essential principles:

being #meaningful, #relevant, and #transparent in everything we do, for our customers, and for their customers.

Reach us at any time at hello@advension.com,
…we offer a piece of free advice! 😲😊

Photo by Duncan Meyer on Unsplash

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